Thursday, September 9, 2010


Those four eyes darkened by the burning Face
Of the bright lady of the sky, now saw
The milder circles of each other's gaze
crowned with curls of glossy golden hair.

And as the steel-blue eyes of the first Man
Saw answering lights in Embla's lapis eyes
The red blood Loki set to spring in them
Flooded hot faces. Then he saw that she
Was like himself, yet other; then she saw
His smiling face, and by it, knew her own---
And so they stared and smiled, and the gods smiled
to see their goodly work, so fair begun
In recognition and in sympathy.

Then Ask stepped forward on the printless shore
And touched the woman's hand, who clasped fast his.
Speechless they walked away along the line
Of the sea's roaring, in their listening ears.
Behind them, first upon the level sand
A line of darkening prints, filling with salt,
First traces in the world, of life and time
And love, and mortal hope, and vanishing.

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M is for Margaret, who was swept out to sea...