Thursday, April 22, 2010

Momentous Occasion: A Real Blog Post

Some days, it strikes me how lazy I really am.
Like when I contemplate throwing a dirty spoon away so I don't have to wash it.

I just returned from a Clothesline Project meeting.
I was wearing a lavender shirt...brilliant.
Now everyone thinks my sexual orientation is in question.
Each shirt color has a meaning.
I used a white shirt, which generally stands for the murder of women, but that's not what I was really going for. I was embarrassed at first and didn't know what to write, so I began with something generic, and just let go. I hope they'll let me keep it after they finish displaying it.
It says:
Break the Silence
Stop the Violence
across the chest, which is really quite fitting, as I think a lot of people don't speak out against the injustices in our world.
The top left shoulder reads, in scraggly black letters:
And you lied, you lied, you always lied.
I just started thinking about how many women are lied to, and what a terrible thing that is. This sounds funny coming from a woman who is a frequent liar, but...I don't know.
I drew a street-lamp in the bottom right corner. Inferring that city streets should be safer so women can walk alone at night without feeling afraid. In some parts of town, I'm afraid to walk alone during the day!

Women need to be protected.

I think it's really random that I participated in this, because it's not really anything I've ever thought about or concerned myself with before. I think I'm becoming a protest-junkie. If there's an issue, I will pick a side and jump on the wagon, I guess. I've never respected women like that. Uh-oh.

It's funny to think it's that time again. Time to pack up and leave another "home." I'm quite a gypsy these days. I won't be sorry to leave this place.

Alright, I just wanted to scribble these thoughts down. But now it is time to attend to things. My room is a mess and there is laundry and that damn spoon to wash.


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