Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I've lost my faith in womanhood...-The Smiths

tonight i went walking
out in the dark and the
whole time it was as if
there was a sea of words
inside of me, longing to
come singing, screaming,
and scrambling out of me;
i think there are too many
thoughts and possibly
one day soon i will think
too many thoughts and
i will explode before
crumpling and wilting
and ceasing to be anything
of use to anybody but
then again, most of me
thinks this is just the
womanness in me talking
and part of me glorifies
in this, and the other half
sighs heavily and wishes
to have done with the whole
business, but this is getting
off subject and i can no longer
remember what it might
have been that i wanted
to say, but i think it was that
everything is much simpler
than it seems but i make
it more complicated
and if you just
i promise it will all work
out in the end...

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