Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, January 11


Saint Martin's is a beautiful school. My room is large and spacious with windows and without fluorescent lighting. I find myself in a strict regime--though a healthy one. My foreign-exchange roommate is very neat, (typical), and keeps me on my toes.
We rose at seven, made our beds immediately, and headed off to shower before class. I think I'm going to have to wake even earlier in future, as I showed up to class just moments before it began.
Father Kilian is my New Testament teacher, and so far, I highly approve. He reminded us that the "real world" is not found outside the doors of his classroom; for us, the "real world" exists solely within the classroom, where we can be "real" and "genuine", and we can say what we please. The "outside world" is the one where we guard our tongues and maintain the poker face to maintain our jobs and good standing. Interesting.
Chemistry class...
Well, I'm not going to have an opinion on my teacher yet. I have a history of underestimating my Chemistry teachers. Dr. Smalley is a cross between Ms. Frizzle and Professor Trelawney. The differences between right and left-sided brained people never fail to fall into the stereotype so far. Science and Math people are not snobby like Literature or Philosophy people. I think decidedly from the right-side of my brain, causing me to smirk at the humor common among these "lefties". It's a fault, I'll admit. I must learn to be more accepting.
I met one of my professors purely accidentally today. I believe it was my English professor; I would be pleased if it was she. We fell into conversation when I came into her office to inquire how to sign up for "Bread and Roses", a community service project I'd seen advertised. She inquired about my break, and I told her about transferring from Dallas. I told her I was from Portland, and we started talking about upcoming St. Martin's events, in which they venture to Portland to explore, etc. She asked for my name, and then realized I'm a student of hers; a pleasant realization for both of us. This is all very well.
I'm in the library, currently. There is so much to do here; I'm quite excited.
It's pouring rain outside. I don't mind it, which is lucky, but it does get cold.
I realized today that I have become a great deal like my dear friend "Alexandra Von Tersch" at University of Dallas. She has made me a bolder and far more interestingly-dressed person at least.

Ta-ta for now.

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