Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm early to class: 19 minutes to spare.

This morning, I've chosen to wear my bloomers and stockings, along with a long, green sweater with large holes in it. It's really great to be such a fashion mishap--I understand how Helena Bonham Carter probably feels now.

It's definitely gotten me quite a bit of attention--which is what I need right now, so I don't join the legions of invisible freshmen.
The girls are looking at me, like, "What is she wearing?" but there are those with wistful expressions, "Why haven't I got a pair of whatever those are?"

For my seminar, I'm supposed to keep a journal. I have no idea if the teacher knows what she's getting into, because when I journal, it gets a little random sometimes...
I don't think there's a page limit. At least, not until we turn it in for the first time, and she asks me if I believe in sparing trees. I don't.

9:15am. I'll head upstairs in a few minutes, I suppose. I feel really good today. Confident. I'm pretty sure it's the bloomers. They usually have a good (<--arguable) effect on me. Some might say it's dangerous for someone like me to get such a confidence-high, but I think today it is necessary.

Enough from me. I'm off to class.

Ta-ta for now...


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