Saturday, December 12, 2009

I am ecstatic because Pandora is playing Jaymay's Blue or Gray and it makes me think of winter wonders.
I am inspired with so many women tonight--I'd like to propose a toast to so many beautifully creative people, good gracious.
I'm laughing hollowly at the sad way people don't quite understand or recognize themselves. A man tonight criticized a hate group---he said he hated them. Ha-ha.
I really wish I had a camera, I'd like to start taking pictures of things. I'd like the opportunity to see things differently, and the hindsight cameras endow one with--allowing one to see good things again. I have to stop being concerned about what I look like in pictures, truly. It's so arrogant of me.
I stole music off of Nicole's desk today when she wasn't here. I'm going to blast it until the girl next door comes over and asks me to turn it off.
"Her prince finally came to save her, and the rest of it you can figure out.
But it was a trick, and the clock struck twelve..."

Mmm, that'll give you shivers.
I really want my hair to either grow out or fall off---I'm so sick of dealing with it!
My American Civilization taught me nothing except that he has grievances against the United States for the Mexican war...what a bloody shame, really. Regarding the final exam, he instructed us to study everything except Chapters 4 and 17.
"Just know all the maps," he said, "Dates and Wars won't be important because I'm not really interested in that." Not interested in the Civil War, sir? Good thing you're teaching a course on it...
Not like I really care. I've got five days, and then I never come back to Texas again. It can't happen soon enough!
A girl told me tonight that she came here for the diversity.
"Did you know," she asked incredulously, "they have a Middle-Eastern, in Texas!!"
I'm not going to comment.
I didn't turn on the heat today. My skin is drying out like mad! I'd forgotten this about winter! I'm not complaining, really, I'm not. I prefer Winter over Summer. I really do. I'd rather be cold than hot any day.
Tonight was frustrating. I packed everything into a box, and then removed it from the box, and put it into my suitcase. Realizing that my suitcase was over 50lbs., I groaned loudly and took it out of the suitcase and put it into the box. That's about as much progress as I made.
I took my Politics exam today. It makes me SO sad to think I shan't see Mr. Diduch anymore, but what can you do with stranger-friends? (As a side note---I really hope that the Progressives agree with the Social Compact Theory.....)
The hours are flying. Again, not complaining, but I ought to be doing something productive, I suppose. Like studying for that American Civ test---argh! I really don't care about it. That's terrible, but I've done well enough to get a good grade regardless of whether I bomb the final or not. I promise to study hard though. (sigh)
Because, Dad, I know you're reading this, and I will avoid confrontation at any cost...:P Just teasing.
Anyway, I must away.


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