Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Civil War Today

"But, oh, did you see all the dead of Manassas, all the bellies and the bones and the bile?"

"No, I lingered here with the blankets barren, and my own belly big with child."

This skein of skin is all too few to keep me from you!

But, oh, my love, though our bodies may be parted, though our skin may not touch skin...look for me with the sun-bright sparrow, I will come on the breath of the wind!


  1. wow. u sure ur not a poet? I can hardly wait to see ya! :)

  2. (sigh) again...i'm afraid i'm just quoting. :P
    how's school going for you?
    i sure can't wait to be done and come home!!
    but...my christmas break is going to severely short because i'm transferring to st. martin's in lacey, wa. oh well, now i'll be closer to home!!


M is for Margaret, who was swept out to sea...