Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

My cousin is away, my brother is no more, I find no protector on earth against the enemy pursuing me; in vain do I implore Heaven, Heaven is deaf to the prayers of the weak. Everything foments the ardor that devours me; everything abandons me to myself, or rather delivers me into your hands; all of nature seems to be your accomplice; all my efforts are in vain, I worship you in spite of myself.


No, I know you well; you will undergird my weakness, you will become my safeguard, you will protect my person from my own heart. Your virtues are the last refuge of my innocence; my honor makes bold to entrust itself to yours, you cannot preserve the one without the other; generous soul, ah! preserve them both; and if only for your own sake, pray take pity on me.


  1. Hm...I rather like it..
    Whats it from?

  2. Julie: the new Heloise.
    Letters from two lovers in the mountains.
    By Rousseau.
    Tis wondrous, but I cannot get a hold of the book, because it is on the reserves shelf in the library. I suppose I could devote some time to reading it in the library...

  3. Hmm, I'll look it up. because it has a part of my name in the title, I suppose I really should. :)


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