Sunday, November 15, 2009

Four weeks and three days...

Tonight is a very good night.

It rained tonight---Zeus's thunderbolts lighting my way as I raced along the slippery forest path.
I have just cleaned my room, which is quite a feat. I scooped buckets of Spaz's trash off the carpet, and removed it from my room. I put everything belonging to her on her desk or in her closet. Personally, I'd be really annoyed if anyone did that to me, but I've been warning her for quite some time, and finally hit my breaking point.
Regina Spektor, along with the ambient lighting I've grown so fond of, makes an inspiring environment in which to write about the Odyssey's unlucky maidservants who are forced to rid the kingdom of the bloodied corpses of their past lovers...yes...justice indeed. Or perhaps not.
Texas, I will thank you for the cool evening breezes still coming in my open bedroom window. One of the things I look forward to every year is the weather warming to the point where I can sleep with my window open. My favorite quote is from Gladiator, where he says,
"We have a garden--our house smells of herbs during the day, jasmine at night."
I can't tell you how peaceful I feel right now. Clean carpet will do that for a woman.
I'm just about to brew some tea, care for a cup?


  1. Ooh, yes please...

    Oh my gosh..thank god for messy sister has become neat and tidy at last...
    Perhaps we shall call you anal girl...

    THANKS, SiS.


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