Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tu me amas, ego te amo.

Vernum tempus est amenum
et amoris melle plenum;
quicquid est in mundo rerum
novum facit ac serenum.

In hoc uere uernant flores,
quia tellus dat humores;
puellarum nunc dolores
risus petunt et amores.

Iam qui amat uel amatur
illud petut quo letatur,
et si locus umquam datur,
trahit palpat osculatur.


  1. Even though im taking latin, if you think im going to try and read that your crazy..

  2. Springtime is pleasant
    and rich in the honey of love;
    whatever is in the world of things
    it makes fresh and clear.

    In spring flowers truly bloom,
    because the earth gives sap;
    now girls' sorrows
    chase laughter and love.

    Already he who loves or is loved
    seeks what makes him happy,
    and if a chance is ever given
    he draws near, touches, gets a kiss.


M is for Margaret, who was swept out to sea...