Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm here, with my hands on my heart...and I'd shout out my love to the stars.

When first we laid eyes,
I swore to no compromise,
till I felt my caress on your skin...

But how soon we were betrayed!
Your sister gave us away---
and your father came all unhinged.

But wait for the stone on your window,
I'll wait by the car,
and we'll go...
we'll go.

With your blood still warm on the ground,
I swear to the stars,
I will burn this whole city down.

All I heard was the shout
of your brother calling me out,
and you ran like a fool to my side.

Well, the shot--it hit hard.
And your frame went limp in my arms,
And an oath of love was your dying cry...

O, Valencia!
With your blood growing cold on the ground,
I will burn this whole city down!

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