Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'll away to fair Margaret's bower before the night comes in!

Saturday: 9:49
I awoke quite naturally (and quite worried)
around 8:30. I remember sitting up quite
dazed and questioning, "What time is it!?"

Awake as I was, I've gone about my day.
'Tis a lovely change, I usually don't awake
until noon on Saturdays.
Every other college child is fast-asleep in
his bed (hopefully), so it's very quiet.

It's a gorgeous morning. The sun is already up,
and it's very still.
I feel like I'm the only soul in all of Texas.
You can't imagine how lonely that feels!

Eight weeks, my dears.


  1. Aww...
    April is sitting here next to me...
    We are having tons of fun..wish you were here to make movies with us

  2. APRIL! we need to talk, young lady...

    P.S. Joan, show April the MargaretXWilliam song, because April = William!


M is for Margaret, who was swept out to sea...