Tuesday, October 13, 2009

falling asleep

This cup of wine,
all salt and brine makes me sleepy!


  1. Sitting in the library, staring out at the pind, watching the geese and ducks float softly across it, and the rain land on the water in gentle rings.

    Wishing you were here to enjoy it with me, you would suggest that we run out in the rain and dance..

    Everytime i come to the library i think of you, of us standing in the tunnel singing...
    Not caring if anyone heard us...

    Thanks for calling me, it was good to talk to you again..

  2. HAHA..now i get to go back and fix my spelling..ugh

    I said pind and i meant pond...

  3. I'll have you know---I spent thirty minutes pondering what a "pind" was. Just kidding.
    I can't wait to see you again, really.

  4. HAHA..i laughed so hard when i read that..
    I hope you didnt...time wasted is time you never get back..


M is for Margaret, who was swept out to sea...