Friday, October 23, 2009

Falling Asleep [this seems to be a common complaint]

Time: 8:16pm
Music: Mushaboom, Feist
What I Am Supposed To Be Doing Right Now: Philosophy
What I Want To Be Doing Right Now: Buying Coffee
How I Am Feeling: Positively Knackered

So, I love how the American Spell-Check doesn't recognize "knackered".
It's a brilliant British word, thank you very much.

All I can think about is how sleepy I am, and how I want to curl up
with a blanket in front of a fire, and go to sleep forever.
Maybe not forever.
Maybe just a beautiful eight hours, or so.
I don't ask for too much, I think!

Perhaps this music is the reason for my sudden sleepiness.
Either that, or Poseidon is weaving his magic around me---Fie, Fie!



  1. You mentioned what you SHOULD be doing, and what you WANT to be doing...but you never mentioned what you WERE doing...haha

  2. What I Am Doing: Typing on my silly Blog.

  3. HAHAH..thank you for clerifying...


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