Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Locked Up Snug In Fogg's Asylum


Tomorrow is Wednesday already! Middle of the week---thank goodness.

I had a deliciously gorgeous American Civ class today, because while the other students dozed, I sat upright, bright-eyed and loquacious and oh-so-knowledgeable...

I quite charmed scary old Martinez-Serna.

In Geometry, I felt kind of benevolent, because it's pretty simple and rather obvious and these children just don't understand.

I admit to having napped between ten and eleven o'clock, but I'm not apologizing---I'm rather glad I did---it gave me vim and vigor.

11 weeks and 1 day till Christmas Break.

(Remove me from this madhouse)

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  1. now that i'm through bragging, watch for my poor grades to appear-----haha


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