Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sympathizing with Kristen in the Nunnery

Time: 5:01pm
Mood: Persevering
Music: Sharpe's Overture

I slept well last night. Maybe too well.
I was roused around 11:30am.
It's because they set an alarm,
and it was in my room,
and I turned it off, unthinkingly.

I am officially moved in.
It's a depressing place to live,
but I know I shan't spend much time here.

I am finally addressed!

University of Dallas Box 652
1845 E Northgate DR
Irving, TX 75062-4736

I have to interrupt my original train of thought
(was there one?)
to say that this Sharpe music is indescribably wonderful.

Tonight, I have several meetings to attend.
Pictures and Details later.


  1. I have my own label now? How delightfully exciting!

  2. Label?
    Im a bit confused...
    How does he have his own label?

    Dont forget to talk to mom and tell her that its fine for me and Matt to go see, 500 Days of Summer...
    She said that you said i couldnt see it..
    But she will let me see it with matt of you tell her so..

    Also call tonight, i want to tell you something

  3. "Labels: MOTL, Sharpe" Now I'm no expert, but my name's not Sharpe...

  4. Shh, Cartesian "Quies"!!
    Now she'll want one too....(sigh) out for these hotbeds of moral turpentine, young lady.


M is for Margaret, who was swept out to sea...