Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Margaret in Captivity

Time: 10:24am
Mood: Resigned

Last night, I had the pleasure of acquainting a suicidal opossum,
whom I took the liberty of naming Dudley.

This isn't a picture of the real Dudley.
The real one sat by our apartment door as we carried in $300 worth of groceries,
and threatened to jump off the second-story deck, should we prove
to be of a roguish nature.

Also, Texas stoplights are all wrong, as you can see.

Texas is the only place where one can take Exit 445 to reach President George Bush Turnpike.

I have to go, we have MORE shopping to do. Inconceivable!


  1. Well, you were probuly singing, and thee little thing couldnt take it any longer..Im surprised he didnt jump..ta ha

    Dudley says, "Make it moooove."
    "This is boooring"


M is for Margaret, who was swept out to sea...