Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Purpose Realized

I am very tempted to steal this for myself, but honesty is important on a blog, so I'll go to the trouble of bibliographing this quote. Besides, Amanda might hunt me down if I didn't give her credit.

you know what i want? a personal blog-fairy. to follow me around, save links, take notes, and poke into my brain with a small blog-word-magnet, retrieve the relevant profound information from my mind and make it all nice and shiny for mass consumption. while i drink, sing, eat ice cream and read the comments.
-Amanda Palmer

This blog has to have a purpose now.
I know I've been deep in the wanderings of my melting brain, floating aimlessly down this stagnant stream....
Ugh. I hate it when I try to be all poetic and it's late at night.

That's another thing. I promised myself that I'd go to bed early tonight.
So I did.
I went and got in bed...and...nothing.
Couldn't sleep a wink.

(COUGH) Anyway, not to get lost in these tangents, the PURPOSE for this blog has to be to document my college experience, such as it is.

The hourglass is nearly drained, the hour nearly arrived.

I've decided I need to get a camera, to better document my adventures. Some things have to be seen to be believed...

I have to shop for clothes...which I hate doing, because I have no style, and no ambition to attain one. I went through an "I-Hate-All-My-Clothes" phase, though, and basically threw away everything I had.

I meant to go out and replace them. But---that hasn't happened yet, I've just been washing the few remaining pieces of my wardrobe over and over.

Which is probably good, because I have a serious moth problem, I've noticed.
I need to deal with that.

I have Too-Much-Stuff Syndrome. (or, TOSS.) Tossing is exactly what I need to do, in the few weeks I have left here.

8 more days at Lattice, and then I'm free.

Bedtime for real, now, I think.


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