Friday, August 28, 2009

Dawn at Last

Time: 6:57am
Mood: Relatively Excellent

I awoke around 4am,
but due to having a roommate,
I couldn't do anything but lay still
till the dawn came.
I did get to watch the sky lighten,
which is the best thing about mornings.
My music is on shuffle,
and as soon as I began this post,
Sharpe came on.
Nothing happens without reason-------

Today, I get to pick up my packages in the post office,
as well as tour the library,
and other important things.

I really want to venture to the Tower
and see if I can enter it.
Maybe tomorrow.

Well, off I go.
King George commands, and I obey---
Over the Hills and Far Away.


  1. If you dont have one yet, ask dad to buy you a real camera, that way you can take pictures and upload them to your computer..

    Oh and dad wants you to email him sometime...

  2. Hmm, will you ask him?

    I have done so!!!


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