Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Whenever people comment on the weather, I am quite sure they mean something else---and that makes me so nervous."

It seems I comment on the weather a hundred times a day.
People are beginning to suspect an awkward lull in the conversation,
but truly, I can't refrain from bursting forth with, "I can't believe this sky!" for the fourth time that day.
It's just been so beautiful.
The swelling clouds, and the pinks and purples of summer are an outer expression of my inner hopes, while the quiet gray undertones speak of a certain uncertainty.
I don't remember a more beautiful summer!

1 comment:

  1. yeah, well, it's cloudy over here, so, go take a hike! :) just kidding. But it really has been cloudy over Portland. What meaneth you, that thine sky is clear and gorgeous? Dost thou live on another planet?

    Anyway, don't worry about the weather commentary. Everyone knows that when there is nothing to talk about, the weather is always a good choice. and Since this is the PNW, this is perfect, since the weather is so darned unpredictable. :)


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