Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Human Heart

As humans, we are extremely fragile beings with excellent stamina.
I can't even imagine how much damage we are capable of.
We can either make or break each other.
Sometimes, we hurt others on accident.
Other times, we hurt them because we know we can, and we choose to.
How fickle!
But we can't shut ourselves away from human beings.
Even though we submit our bodies to a lot of pain,
we can almost always grow stronger.
We shouldn't grow hardened and jaded, though.
Then you lose the meaning to things.
If there is a meaning.

To go off on another tangent, I also think it's interesting how we have Children's Museums when we are young, full of tiny resteraunts and hospitals and buses, and then the Adult Museum--this world of adult-sized resteraunts and hospitals and buses, and we are all rushing around because we think what we are doing is so important.

Is it really?


  1. How interesting that you should write this! Just yesterday I painted a little watercolor picture of a heart, and I was thinking then of all it can symbolize. As to the importance of our actions, that is certainly the question, isn't it? :-)


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