Monday, April 27, 2009

Well, life is puttering along rather splendidly.

I am moving up in my job! Having befriended the chef, he plans to teach me everything I need to know, and have our boss fire the two lazy bums occupying our kitchen. Yay!!
Also, my boss respects his opinion so much, that she's paying for me to take a test that will certify me for management positions, and ensure that I get on the right track for the future!!

Plus, I hung out with friends last weekend (Nick Clements and Sebastian) and we went to a fencing tournament for a bit, which was fun!!

Nick wants to hang out this weekend, and Sebastian wants to get a group together to go see an opera!

Fun stuff!!

"It's nice to have friends" -Fuzzy Rabbit

well, i'm off to bed,
your very fatigued writer---

miss margaret


  1. Congratularoni! Magnisimo!
    I'm so proud of you!

  2. oh, that is sooo cool! ever considered being a chef? you'd be great!

    The fencing tournament sounds cool! tells us more!

    :) that's neat about the opera. which one are you going to see?

  3. What a wonderful opportunity! Congratulations, and my compliments to the chef on his excellent judgment. Bonne chance, mademoiselle! :-)

  4. Thank you everyone!!!
    I'm super relieved that I am considered to have enough potential for such a thing!! YAY!!!


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