Friday, April 3, 2009

Unofficial Re-Pie Day

So I just found out today that the first week of March was Official British Pie Week!
And I missed it!
To remedy the situation, I shall make the first week of April "Unofficial Re-Pie Day"!!
I am making individual chicken pot pies before I go to work today.

Yes, work. I've worked at Dairy Queen 5 days this week and I have plenty of days next week as well. Also, I'll start house-cleaning for Mrs. Milton, she's going to pay me $12 an hour! I start Tuesday, from 9-1.

I am NOT looking forward to the bloody ACT on saturday...grr...(GASP) oh no, that's tomorrow!

Ah, sir...Times is hard...

'Ta, luvs...


  1. Congratulations on the jobs, and the pies sound delicious! Have you ever tried Cornish pasties (pronounced "pass-tees")? They are meat pies, too, and really good! :-)

  2. Thanks guys! I know I'm excited!
    No, I haven't tried Cornish pasties! Sound good though...any chance you have a recipe?

  3. For all things pasty, probably more than you wanted:

  4. Wow, this is excellent! Oh man...I really want to make pasties!!!! Mmm!!

  5. They really taste as good as they look, too! :-)

  6. wait, WHY are you taking the ACT?

    Hope the pies turn out well.

  7. I took it for a college I applied for.
    The pie is delicioussssssss....


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