Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stealing Internet from Neighbors

I am tired
Yesterday I was late to work by an hour. (I overslept)
TODAY I was taught two lessons
By my chef/master's gentle ways (sarcasm)

This morning (6am)
He escorted me to the garbage room
and picked out two of the most disgusting trash cans in the room
Brought them to the dishwashing area
And requested that I wash them

They were about as big as I was
So I had to crawl inside a little bit
And scrub with a handful of steel wool
It smelled AWFUL
And the whole time I was thinking 'This is pointless'

Then he entered
Pointed to the first garbage can
And said:
"Lesson One: Don't be Late."

Then he pointed to the second can, saying
"Lesson Two: Call first. Don't just not show up!"
I understood.

And I will never be late again!


  1. Boy, you're learning all sorts of lessons lately...some costly, some smelly. Well Doll, welcome to the real world! You're gonna be just fine! Catch some z's, tomorrow is another fun filled adventure.

  2. Yes indeedy...fortunately I don't work tomorrow, so I can get a bit more sleep!!!
    (it's dreadfully ironic that sleep has become my one joy in life...at least it keeps me out of trouble)


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