Thursday, April 2, 2009

I have sailed the world, beheld its wonders---from the Dardanelles, to the mountains of Peru---but there's no place like London!

I don't have anything to say tonight, but I felt like writing.
It always calms me so.
OH CURSES---I forgot I made a cup of tea about half an hour ago. It's probably cold.

--A minute later--

Thank goodness for microwaves.
Life is getting so busy! (I love it)
I've become a vacuum. And I mean that in the most positive way possible.
I take in so many colorful ideas, and I love them all, but I don't know which are meant for me, and which are meant for other, fictional people. (sigh)

I really need to do something. Right now.

Goodnight, loves.


  1. As they say in the East End of London, "Ta, luv." :-)

  2. I love it! I'm going to say that from now on.
    Also---maybe you noticed I didn't quite get off the computer yet? Oops, haha.

  3. The Cockneys have some great expressions; it's a whole other language! And you have some company on the computer. Night owls, eh what?! :-)

    Get your Bacons up the Apples and Pears!

  5. Ta, luv. :-) What a great site, thank you! The "tour along the Thames" feature on this link is very nice; I've been to a number of those places along the river, and it brought back happy memories to see the pictures. :-)


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