Monday, April 6, 2009

Funny Story of the Day

Today, I took my car to the library.
I went inside, checked out an armload of books, and came back out.
Then I headed over to my car, and decided to be smart, and drop my books through the sunroof, onto the passenger seat.
Then I say, really loudly, "NO WAY."
My mind begins racing with possible ways to resolve this dilemma.
This is what I come up with.
I make a few jumps, manage to adhere to the side of the car, and stick my arm through the sunroof. This presents a very funny picture to the public.
Then I unlock the passenger door.
The ALARM goes off.
"I have an alarm? How the heck do I shut it off?"
By now, if not everyone was staring at me trying to climb up my car, they are now.
"What the heck is that girl doing? Trying to steal a car?"
I stick the keys in the ignition and turn it on.
The alarm blares on.
Finally, I succeed in relocking the door, which appeases the alarm.
With a friendly wave to the public, I am able to venture out from the parking lot.
Why do these things only happen to me?

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