Thursday, March 19, 2009

My midnight oil is well and truly burned.

"One day I'll fly away.
Leave all this to yesterday...
What more could your love do for me?
When will love be through with me?
Why live life from dream to dream...
And dread the day...when dreaming ends..."

I am hollow.
Grasping the sides of my ripped flesh---
trying to pull myself together.

I can appear emotionless and unscathed---oh yes.
They tell me I am a magnificent actress.
It's at night, when the curtain falls for the last time.
The audience returns to their lighted homes.
I stand behind the darkening curtain---
among the broken roses,
weary and alone.

Only the echoes of time remain with me.

That's when the shadows creep...

My mind flutters---
provoked by the fog of doubts and shame.
The probes dig deep,
that's when the pain begins.

I'm falling...
with no other choice than to wonder
whose arms will catch me now.

Or if, with a sickening thud,
I will crumble and be left...forgotten.


  1. This made me think of what you'd written here. It's a poem by a tech writer in India. The problems are same everywhere in the world. You're not alone! :)

    A Phase Called Life

    - Fatima Fernandes,
    Technical Writer

    Looks very pleasant each morning each day,
    The brightest day, the darkest night,
    Life passes through pain and sorrow in each phase,
    The willingness to overcome with power and might,
    Is essential in every path of life.
    The shadows of agony enveloped everywhere,
    Like the cool breeze that sweeps away the pain,
    The showers from above; fill one’s heart,
    With joy and happiness awaited for,
    To triumph over the past.
    Life is incomplete when no one’s at your side,
    To partake in every moment you share,
    Lonely & bewildered in every step you take,
    But the blessings of Almighty will always be there,
    In times of need whose presence you share.
    Get started with a new beginning in life,
    A smile is enough to lighten up,
    With the pleasant wind, the warm affection,
    Caring for things one never felt before,
    When enjoying every moment that never arose ago.
    Life indeed is a mixture of both things,
    To get along with it, is in fact the real understanding,
    Execute every bit and enjoy to the fullest,
    Every moment of life can be felt,
    When experienced in one’s own life.


M is for Margaret, who was swept out to sea...