Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Besides being so BLOODY cold, it's actually been a pretty nice day.
I made soup today, Sweet Potato with Curry and Ginger.
It is SO good, I can't stop eating it...hahhaha.
I really want it to be summer, and I want to go to San Francisco, and the beach, and EVERYWHERE!
I am SO frustrated about what to do next year.
It's so tempting to give up and not go anywhere, but I CAN'T! I've spent too much time and money on all these crazy applications, argh.
I just don't want to something unless it's RIGHT, but how can I know which choice is better than another choice? AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH...Insanity Ahead. (oh wait, i'm already there)
I just want to curl up with an amazing Neil Gaiman novel or something, and a bowl of soup, and forget all this college nonsense.



  1. Sweet Potato soup is one of my favorites; it's just perfect on a cold day, isn't it? Everything will work out just fine on the college front, I'm sure. You're in my prayers. :-)

  2. Thanks, I definitely need them now, more than ever. I've just realized the outstanding impossibility of the college I was planning on going to, and am floundering in the sea of doubt once more.
    I'll be so glad once I'm safely enrolled somewhere. (perhaps an asylum?) j/k


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