Sunday, March 29, 2009


Staring up at the cold night sky,
the stars are forbidding.
The headstones are cold beneath my back,
but it's the only place I can run for peace.
Scrambling across broken fences,
tearing my clothes and skin.
Escaping my fears,
those tremors that seize one's mind and soul.
It's a cloud of seeping terror,
penetrating me wholly,
till there's nothing to do but gasp for life's breath...
The darkness is no threat,
it hides my empty features,
obscures the need for pretense.
I wish to create an accusation,
an incrimination against the one who left me like this.
Who is this unnamed one whom I am sentencing?
I pronounce the ruling: it is myself.
Peering in the mirror,
my face wracked with wretchedness,
my prominent eyes haunting me,
my mouth mocking me, wickedly.
The upsetting turbulence is building...
the blurring bewilderment.
Strangely, peace resonates,
as I decide to love the strange wounds appearing.
The ache fades.


  1. this isn't about that post I made about Phantom of the Opera, is it?

    When I said I liked you goth, I didn't mean I liked you dead! :) just kidding. I love it! do you like the Adams family? Love the song, but not so much on everything else. creeps me out. you know how I am.

  2. Hahaha, i LOVE the addams's family.
    Whenever I meet guys, I ask what their last name is. When I meet one named Addams...I'm marrying him! (j/k)
    Glad you like my gothicness---i rather enjoy it myself. (haha)


M is for Margaret, who was swept out to sea...