Friday, March 20, 2009

Goal In Life

Listen to these first two links.

If I could but achieve something like this-------


  1. One of my secret dreams was to be an opera singer; instead I wound up as a choir singer, which is not bad after all. Maybe you could take voice lessons; you could wind up in an opera chorus, or maybe even as the prima donna! You never know until you try... Chantez, mademoiselle! :-)

  2. Thanks for the inspiring words!!! I am supposed to be meeting a voice teacher next week---I'm excited!
    I would LOVE to be an opera singer---who knows what the future may hold???

  3. That's wonderful! I used to usher for the New Orleans Opera Guild when I was a teenager, and I heard and saw some beautiful performances then. Puccini is probably my favorite for opera; do you have a favorite? Opera and foreign languages are a perfect match, so you've got a head start; and there are always musicals. Singing in a church choir is a wonderful honor, too. Best wishes! :-)

  4. I could totally see you being an opera singer! that would be awesome! I'd come and see you every night on broadway (we'd live right outside of NYC, of course, when we graduate.) :) good luck with the teacher!

  5. I can't tell you how happy your comments make me! Seriously, it makes me want to strive for this. :)
    That's so great that you used to usher---I want to get into something like that.
    Musical theatre would be SO much fun---I just need to network a little and find out how to get involved I guess!
    Thanks for the support!!!!
    P.S. If I make it to the stage---of course you're both invited for free performances...hahaha.


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