Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Glimpse of God

We cradle Catholics are all well-aware of God's attribute of Infinite-ness.
But to really understand what that means---that is something!
I'll give an extremely poor example. This is what got me thinking on this the other day. I was walking home from who-knows-where, through an enormous random field, listening to Phantom of the Opera.
I was wishing desperately that there were more songs to this movie! Also, I may have been wishing that the Phantom was real so I could marry him. (I know, I'm so weird.)
But I think that's what human life is filled with on earth.
There's a lot of good things...but we never get enough to leave us really satisfied.
I guess that's where eternity and souls come in. To find God, who is infinite, and ask, "Give me some more?" and receive more...wow.

Oh, and for the glimpse of this----I shall dedicate an entire post to the miracle and beauty of it.

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  1. What joy, when you witness the power of prayer and are given a miracle, even a small one! Yes, God really does hear us, He loves us, and the gifts that He gives us are far better than the ones which we could think of wanting for ourselves. As for the Phantom--the prayers which you offer for your future spouse, who is for now truly just a phantom to you, will help him so that, when you do meet, your song will be that much more beautiful.


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