Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I can't believe how emo*^^ I've become.
(*short for emotional)
[^^usually relates to a very sad specimen of children who believe they are misunderstood. symptoms are: black hair, skinny jeans, mascara, and depressing musings]
"There's so much suffering in the world," could be my most frequently used quote.
Curse it all.
I wish I could throw away these ties and care about my OWN life for two seconds.

(tomorrow i'm going to read this and groan, "what the heck am i thinking that late at night?)
[comforting thought #1: it's already tomorrow---and i have no ill regrets...yet.]

goodnight my poor readers,

your very cold soul

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  1. St. Thomas Aquinas said that the prevalence of suffering in the world is one proof of the immortality of the soul: that is, our reward or punishment is not always in this world, but is surely in the next. Some of my favorite words of Lord are these: "Tristitia vestra vertetur in gaudium". (Your sorrow will be turned into joy.) Each of us can do our part to relieve suffering in this world; I became a nurse for that reason. God has a mission for each of us. :-)


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