Friday, February 13, 2009

When I started this blog

I had a lot I wanted to say.
These days,
I prefer to think about things,
and not share my half-baked theories.
This is a strange time.
My dad complains (jokingly, I think)
that I've reverted back to the childhood
I rarely had,
with my recent passion for superheroes.
Yet, I'm also quite mature,
so very ancient
in the way that I think and relate to the world.
I think the obsession with superheroes
comes from the budding of youth,
the second stage in Poe's poem,
The Bells.
I want adventure,
and romance,
and strength,
and knowledge.
I want to battle the corrupt,
and help to hoist the weak from the filthy gutters.
Now is the time.
is what surges through my veins.
All things are possible with God.

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