Tuesday, February 24, 2009

thoughts running through my head at 11:11pm

Beauty is Salvation.
If you take something ugly,
and create something beautiful,
I think it redeems you.

Adulthood leads to Beige.
The absence of color comes naturally.
Today, I walked in the rain.
The sky was gray,
the street was black,
the sidewalks were white,
and with the exception of a few schoolbuses
the majority of cars were black and white.
I skipped along in an orange sweater and green sneakers.
Maybe it's depression.
When you say a person cuts a "colorful" character,
that is not used to imply a good thing.
Why not?
Just wondering.

Good things always come from bad things.
Like flowers from compost.

Friends are the best form of Prozac.

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