Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hold onto me, know I can't stay long...

There's so much pain.
So much sorrow.
I want to run away and live in the sunshine.
Don't you understand?
Don't weight me down with the cares of the world.
How can I fly when my wings are broken?
Leave me to grow,
Don't stunt me.
An old wives' tale states
that women bear children while they are young
and full of the joy of the world.
When they grow old,
they grow sorrowful,
and bear no more children.
I have seen the pain of the world!
All the sorrow,
the suffering,
the sadness,
all that is mine,
I keep it close to my heart.
Inside I am ice-cold;
You don't even know.
I feel dark and terrible.

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