Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blood and Tears

I'm Dorian Gray,
don't you see?
It's not too late,
turn back from where you stand.
Don't look at me.

I hide the portrait...your gaze sears.
Better to put it in the dark.

I'm the Phantom of the Opera,
why can't you love me?
Is my face that ugly?

I hide my face...
You'll never have to look.

I'm the true Mrs. Rochester,
I will burn you.
How dare you creep into our life,
you venomous worm...

I burn the castle,
and then jump from a turret.

I'm Lady Macbeth,
my silver tongue
may be forked,
but you'll never know.

I may be mad,
but I'm more powerful
than you will ever know.

Poison brings down the mightiest man.

I'm the Queen of the Wili's,
you broke my heart,
now I'll break yours.

Be wary of me.

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